Delivery and return


Package is sent by postal service Slovak post, usually within 3 business days of receiving the payment by the Seller.

Shipping costs include handling, packaging and mailing costs. Freight costs vary depending on total weight of the package. We recommend purchasing products within single order. In case of separate orders, shipping and freight costs are calculated separately for each of them. Package is sent at your own risk but the special protection of fragile items is ensured.

Packages are sufficiently dimensioned and your products are well protected.


- Purchased product is usually sent within 3 business days following the processing of order and receiving the payment by the Seller.

- Seller ships the purchased product to Buyer's address for shipping and freight costs (provided on the Seller's website) by postal service Slovak post.


Shipping and freight costs to:

(Costs are depend on your country and weight of your package. Optional is the possibility of insurance of the goods.)

List of countries where we are shipping our products:


Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Republic of (EIRE), Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, United Kingdom:  

Yes, postage starts at 4 Eur per package   

Belgium, Finland, Germany, Netherlands: 

No, please find our DEALER network in these countries


U.S.A., Australia, New Zeland, Japan, Russia, Canada, etc.

Postage starts at 7 Eur

Be aware that additional charges and fees may occur in case of cross-border shipping which are paid by Customer. In individual case of shipping to the countries outside the European Union, additional shipping and fright costs may occur for which the Seller is not responsible and which are covered by Customer. These may include bank charges for money transfer (for example transfer fee, exchange charges) or legal import duties and taxes (for example tariffs).

- Purchased product will be delivered to Buyer usually within 5 - 10 business days of receiving the payment by the Seller (delivery time may be longer depending on the country and delivery carriers). Customer can check the order status online using the Tracking number which will be assigned to him by the Seller.
- In case a product delivery is repeated due to the Buyer's absence on the address provided, all the expenses resulting from this situation will be covered by Buyer.
- In case a package is mechanically damaged, Customer is obliged to inform the carrier and check condition of the product in his presence. In case the product is damaged, Buyer is obliged to make a record about the scope and nature of damages which needs to be verified by carrier. On basis of such record delivered to Seller, he may subsequently offer removal of product defect, discount, or in case of irremovable defects a new product may be sent.

Return policy:

- Buyer has a right to return only the product, damage of which was caused by manufacturer, carrier, or Seller; which is covered by warranty and which was purchased from the Seller.
- Buyer is obliged to check the product at the moment of delivery, otherwise can claim damages only if he proves the product was damaged at this time.
- In case the product damage was detected at the moment of delivery, Customer has a right to exchange the product for free if he notifies the Seller via email no later than 7 business days after the delivery. If the claim is acknowledged, both parties will agree on the method of compensation.

- Justified claim may be compensated by exchange of the ordered product or by refund of the purchase price (= price of ordered product including shipping and fright costs)

- within 15 business days of receiving the returned item by the Seller.

a) item's purchase price will be refunded to Buyer's account (purchase price does not include any costs associated with return of the product to the Seller; these are paid by Customer and are not the subject of the claim)

b) Buyer will receive a new item and shipping is covered by the Seller


- Warranty is 24 months and becomes void in case of:

a) missing receipt
b) failure to report product damages within 14 days of receiving the item
c) expiration of warranty
d) mechanical damage of the product caused by Buyer
e) using the product in unsuitable conditions (humidity, chemical and mechanical influence)
f) improper handling, operation, neglected or improper care
g) product damage caused by unavoidable and/or unpredictable events

- Buyer may return the product only in original packing, which is not damaged or incomplete.