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What said other photographers about our products?

...In my opinion 84.5mm Filters succeeded in building a decent product which offers good quality for a more than reasonable price. The filters are well built, nicely packaged and do not introduce any noticeable colour casts.  Filters are indispensible in landscape photography. I think the 84.5mm filters will certainly become an attractive alternative for both amateur and more advanced photographers...

Bart Heirweg Landscape Photography

Neutral density filters, I’m very pleased to say that 84.5mm do not exhibit any colour casts and the scenes remain neutral... Filters can be stacked and remain colour neutral... I think it’s worth noting the filters are not made of glass, but of special organic glass, which is characterized by excellent optical and mechanical features... Now I’ve had the filters for around 3 months and so far they seem to be holding up well.

James Grant Photography

These filters are the best alternative in relation quality/price I got. So I bought one the last year and another one this year (84.5mm medium reversed Graduated ND Square Filter). PROS: High quality filter with no color casts. Resistance to flares. Durable considering the material.

Francis R.

84.5 mm filters I have spared no expense, because the purpose was to test and verify their resistance. Sometimes I just filter so bluntly put on my photo bag and some filter even fell to the ground. With the same handling, competitive filters were absolutely damaged. The tested filters are more resistant. But everybody who uses square filters surely knows that they should be handled with utmost care. - Biggest Slovakian photo portal